Kick Ass Franchise - Takin' Names!

Kick Ass had us hooked from the original comic books all the way through to the box office. With the comic books, we liked the art, we liked the ridiculousness, and to be quite honest, we liked the controversy. There was profanity, a slighlty psychotic lethal pre-teen girl that kills people, and a delusional outcast main character. The villains and storyline were a mix of real world crime crossed with the realms of superheroes. That proved to be a great recipe for piquing the interests of the general public.

It has been said that nothing makes a movie or book more popular than having the conservative segment of the population say that it is inappropriate. We think that Kick Ass certainly benefited from affair amount of that. The original debut movie for Kick Ass was rolled out with a strong “R” rating. To justify that rating the MPAA listed this statement:

"strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use—some involving children.” Rated R.

The original Kick Ass movie was fantastic because it stayed true to the comic books. Comic books that were made for a mature audience. Period. Not shying away from the controversy and sticking to the vision of a film for adults, has solidified the Kick Ass franchise a cult following.

It’s safe to say that we are fans of the franchise here at Radar Toys. We went ahead and swooped up on some of this first lines of figures that were produced. They were generally well done, exciting for being from the franchise, but not tremendously exciting on their own. However, the sequel movie is proving to be more fruitful in terms of quality action figures. Let’s take a look:

The figures in this line look great. Kick Ass himself looks detailed for having such a plain costume. He looks ready to take a beating, which let's face it, is inevitable for him at pretty much all times. Hit Girl looks great in this series. Ready to slice something and the figure manages to capture her personality fairly accurately. The real gem of the line in our opinion is MF'er. The cape, the feathers, and the black on red with double guns is just stellar. We are certainly looking forward to the new movie and hopefully a sweet lineup of figures to support the other characters. Kick Ass, it appears, has a bright future. 

- Radar Toys

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