Dragon Ball Z POP Perfect Cell Vinyl Figure




In the world of Dragon Ball Z, Cell is an interesting character. Cell wants perfection, and along with it, to be the most powerful being in existence. Cell is a genetic creation that gains power by consuming others that he defeats. He changes forms as he gets more powerful. Eventually, he wishes to become Perfect Cell.

This is cell in his Perfect Cell incarnations. It's also a Funko POP Vinyl, and trust us, the fans have been waiting for this series of POP Vinyl's. Perfect Cell's POP Vinyl looks fantastic and is sort of a must-have of bad guys, from the Dragon Ball Z lineup.

It's awesome to see that Dragon Ball Z got their own lineup of Funko POP Vinyl's. It's a great tribute to a franchise that has a legion of loyal fans.

Recommended Age: 14+

Dimensions: 3.75" X 1 Dragon Ball Z POP Perfect Cell Vinyl Figure

Condition: Brand New

Release Date: September 2014