Five Crowns Card Game

Set Enterprises



You may heard about this game called Five Crowns. People talk about Five Crowns, but you've never played it. You should wonder why and then fix that. Five Crowns is fast paced and sort of genius. It contains a double deck of cards that have five suits to them. We know, five suits? That's strange, yet alluring. Also, it has no aces or two's. So there's that. What do you do with this crazy setup? You need to arrange your hand into sequences and sets that are the right combination so that you can be the first to go out.

If you manage that, the fun begins when you get to watch the other players who begin to freak out as they get one last chance at hastily cutting their losses. The cards are quite stunning to look at, which is weird for a card game, but really a nice touch. Five Crowns is easy to learn too. It begins with three cards and three's are wild. The next hand begins with four cards and four's are wild, and so forth.

What makes Five Crowns so fun, and often talked about, is skilled players can sneak up in the last hand and taste victory. It's a fun game and people love it for good reason.  

Requires 1 To 7 Players

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed