Gremlins Gizmo Diary with Lock and Key




This is a Gremlins themed Gizmo journal. Or diary. Or journal. Either way, the Gizmo journal features a lock and two keys. Perfect for keeping other Gremlins out of your personal thoughts and musings. It's so great that all these years later, we're still treated to great Gremlins merchandise.

This Diary or journal comes with a lock and 2 keys.

The Gremlins is one of those cult classic films from the 1980's. Debuting in 1984, The Gremlins went on to become a commercial success and a crowd favorite. The Gremlins found a sweet mix of comedy, cuteness and horror. Featuring a main character of untold adorableness, Gizmo would later become the most memorable thing from The Gremlins.

Recommended Ages: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions:  8.5" x 6" X 1 Gremlins Gizmo Diary with Lock and Key

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