Gremlins Gizmo Greetings Cards




If you've got some Gremlins love and you want to express it, look no further than this unique set of Gizmo cards. With the holidays coming up, what better way to send out invitations than with an adorable Gizmo? The Gizmo Gremlins Greeting Cards set comes with twelve cards, blank inside, and envelopes.

The Gremlins is one of those great 1980's cult classic films. It brought us into the world of Mogwai's and of course, Gizmo. Gizmo is the cutest of all the Gremlins, and he's featured here in a set of twelve greeting cards. The Gremlins debuted in 1984 and has remained popular ever since. Commercially, The Gremlins was a success and was an interesting mix of comedy, horror, and the supernatural. 

Recommended Ages: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions:  4" x 6" X 1 Gremlins Gizmo Greetings Cards