Kick Ass 2 Series Two Kick Ass Action Figure




This is the Kick Ass action figure produced by NECA. This is the Series 2 Kick Ass figure and it features our lovable hero dressed to impress in his riot gear. 

Kick Ass all dressed up for a night on the town? That means he'll most likely be taking a beating..laugh! Kick Ass is in action figure form here, sporting his riot gear style protection setup. The sequel to Kick Ass was fantastic and it was neat to see the characters develop and the story move forward. Kick Ass took a leap forward this time, and actually started brushing up on his skills. He's getting marginally better, but obviously a little smarter, as he's wearing some protection this time. This action figure is from series two of the line of figures produced by NECA.

Recommended Age: 17+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 7" X 1 Kick Ass 2 Series Two Kick Ass Action Figure

Release Date: December 2013