Kidrobot Stache Labbit White 14 Inch Plush Figure




Frank Kozik's mad science-like creation of the Labbit, has steadily gained legs of its own. The Labbit is just one of those characters that has captured the attention of the masses. Labbit's are adorable and come in many forms. Frank Kozik's imagination seems endless at this point, as there are so many original styles of Labbit's and in more than a few styles.

In our opinion, this fourteen inch Labbit Plush figure is the premiere plush Labbit. Oversized, and very well made, this Labbit is a high quality, top notch plush figure. This Labbit is the flagship Labbit of the entire lineup. It's so cute, and so well made, that we couldn't help but fall in love with it.

Recommended Age: 15+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 14" X 1 Kidrobot Stache Labbit White 14 Inch Plush Figure