Marvel Iron Man Movie 3 Iron Patriot Plush




Iron Patriot is a complicated character to define. Most of us know Iron Patriot from the blockbuster movie Iron Man 3. Most of us remember James Rhodes, Tony Stark's friend, donning the Iron Patriot and becoming the Army's symbol of patriotism. In that respect, Iron Patriot was born because War Machine was too hostile of a message to the people.

Iron Patriot in the world of comic books is much more complicated, having been involved in many different story lines and the suit being worn by various friends and foes. One thing is for sure though, Iron Patriot is awesome. The suit is flashy, represents the United States, and we loved it in Iron Man 3.

This is an Iron Patriot plush figure. Funko did a great job making the intimidating Iron Patriot into something cute and cuddly. The Iron Patriot plush is about seven inches tall and squeezable. Show your Iron Patriot support with this really unique little guy.

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 7" X 1 Marvel Iron Man Movie 3 Iron Patriot Plush

Release Date: March 2013