Marvel Mystery Minis Bobble Head Vinyl Figure




Please Note: Each quantity purchased is 1 random figure in 1 blind mystery figure box.

Marvel is a powerhouse, but we don't think that we have to explain that to you. If you're looking at this page, you probably know that Marvel has very deep comic book lineage, that Marvel created some of the greatest superhero's of all time, and that Marvel has been dominating the box office screen for the last five years or so.

Marvel's character roster is fantastic, and with Guardians of the Galaxy poised to be a blockbuster, they're about to show that it has depth as well. With so many great superhero's and villains coming out of the Marvel camp, it's no surprise that the stellar company Funko decided to include them in their line of mystery mini's vinyl figures set.

What's great about mystery mini's is that there is a rarity scale for the figures. Meaning, some figures are randomly more scare than others and that makes collecting them a lot more fun and rewarding. Mystery mini's are sold in blind box format, which means each unit purchased is one randomly chosen character.

Marvel fans get in here! Trust us, you won't be disappointed when collecting Marvel mystery mini's. The Marvel characters are well designed and styled, and you may just get your favorite character in their rarest pose. Super cool.

Recommended Age: 6+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 2.5" X 1 Marvel Mystery Minis Bobble Head Vinyl Figure