Marvel Universe Doctor Doom Bust Bank

Monogram International



This is a Doctor Doom Statue Bust Coin Bank. Essentially, you can think of it as an awesome display piece that can also hold your spare change if you want it to. The sculpt on Doctor Doom is fantastic and he's made of a durable resin that won't break. You open the bottom to get your change out. The Doctor Doom Statue Bust Coin Bank is roughly 6 1/2 inches tall. Very cool. Good price too. 

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest super villains of all time. Marvel has had Doctor Doom in print as early as 1962, and he's consistently been weaved in and out of various storylines. Doctor Doom has been heavily featured as one of the main villains of The Fantastic Four. Everything about Doctor Doom is just cool. His metal arms, his metal face, Doctor Doom is all about business. And his business is certainly not going to go unnoticed.

Doctor Doom has been ranked consistently in the top five of best villains of all time. This is a Doctor Doom Bust Bank that is made by Monogram Intl. Bust Banks are basically a change jar. They hold your spare change and look awesome while doing it. The sculpt on Doctor Doom is fantastic and Monogram did an excellent job. Bust Banks are made of a tough resin and are very durable.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions: 6.5"x5.5"x4.5" X 1 Marvel Universe Dr. Doom Bust Bank