Masters of the Universe Snout Spout Statue Figure




This is a Snout Spout action figure that is produced by NECA and designed by The Four Horsemen. Snout Spout stands roughly 6 inches tall and is a premier style action figure. Very cool. 

A heroic elephant head firefighter is here to save the day. Really? Yes, Really. Snout Spout is looking good rocking his large axe and wrench. When Snout Spout is not putting out epic fires, he has been seen at local birthday pool parties.  In all seriousness though, Snout Spout wasn't give much of a spotlight in the He-Man Masters of the Universe world.

For example, he made his cartoon debut in She-Ra Princess of Power, not He-Man. Snout Spout appeared in very few episodes and is really just memorable due to his super original style. So much so, that the legendary independent action figure design firm, The Four Horsemen, decided to honor him with his own action figure. Snout Spout is awesome. Highly detailed and supremely well done, this line of action figures has been sought after by He-Man Masters of the Universe collectors.

These Masters of the Universe figures are straight up awesome. Not only do these figures stand above seven inches in height, they are well detailed. The figures are a must have for an Masters of the Universe fan. Very cool.

Recommended Age: 17+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 6" X 1 Masters of the Universe Snout Spout Statue Figure