Minecraft Baby Cow Plush Figure




This is the Minecraft Plush Baby Cow figure. It's adorable, and as mentioned earlier, is a high quality plush and very soft. In Minecraft you had better use that wheat to get these cows to mate! When they do, you'll get yourselves one of these bad boys, a baby cow! Small bodies, and yet a full sized head, baby cows are a hilarious part of Minecraft. The Minecraft Baby Cow Plush figure is pretty dang awesome stuffed version of the video game bovine.

Nobody here at Radar Toys was surprised when Minecraft's popularity went through the stratosphere. We saw that coming from a mile away. What did surprise us was how much we enjoyed the merchandise. Last holiday, we were really impressed with the Minecraft line of plush figures. They're very well made, super soft, and almost have a velour-like feel to them. The Creeper and the Enderman were must haves!

Minecraft has continued to put out quality plush figures for almost every character in the game, and it's been exciting to watch these come and go from the warehouse. This year's crop of Minecraft plush figures look to be just as much fun as the last. 

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 6" X 1 Minecraft Baby Cow Plush Figure