Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush




What's a Mooshroom? A Mooshroom is like a cow, but grows mushrooms on its back! You're going to need those mushrooms, so you'd better get those shears out and get busy. This is cute and cuddly plush Mooshroom figure that's perfect for a Minecraft fan.

Minecraft is a huge video game franchise at this point, if not a phenomenon. With its origins based in the world of PC gaming, Minecraft amassed quite a loyal following before the game was even officially launched. Soon afterwards, Minecraft set the PC gaming world on fire and has since spread across almost every gaming platform. From XBOX to Playstation to Android, you can now play Minecraft.

So, what exactly is it? Hopefully, if you're looking at this Mooshroom plush figure you know exactly what Minecraft is all about. If not, and you're shopping for a Minecraft enthusiast, it's a little complicated. Minecraft is essentially a video game building environment that enables endless creativity.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 7" X 1 Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush