Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush Figure




This is the Minecraft Baby Sheep plush figure. What's cuter than a stuffed sheep? How about a baby stuffed sheep! This Minecraft Baby Sheep plush figure falls into that category of "just plain adorable." Just look at the picture! So cute. 

Minecraft is a video game franchise that is steadily achieving epic proportions. Now that Minecraft is available across almost every video game console and platform on the market, literally anyone can play. Fans of the imaginative world of building have been blessed with some pretty fantastic Minecraft merchandise to satisfy their hunger for Minecraft goodies. 

Minecraft has had a stellar line of action figures, some neat vinyl's, and a plethora of clothing. One of the lines of Minecraft merchandise that really surprised us, was the line of Minecraft plush figures. The plush Minecraft toys are high quality and really soft, almost feeling like velour. We're big fans, as far as stuffed figures go. 

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 6" X 1 Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush Figure