Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure

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It seems that the Creeper has recently become the iconic character from the hugely successful video game franchise Minecraft. The toys and figures for Minecraft debuted this last holiday, and the Creeper character was hands down the best seller. Maybe it's the Creeper's cool styling or even his name, but the Creeper is certainly a memorable feature of the game Minecraft.

In the actual gameplay of Minecraft, Creepers attempt to stealthily approach players and explode. Creepers make some interesting hissing sounds and it's quite ominous. Players would do smartly to keep a stable of cats and ocelots around, as Creepers don't enjoy those so much.

This is the Minecraft Core Creeper action figure and this was the top selling figure in the Minecraft category for Radar Toys last season. The Creeper is a neat little figure and comes with a TNT block. We have a feeling that these ended up on many adult Minecraft player's shelves and desks, alongside all the kids that asked for one as well. That probably explains why we shipped out so many.

Minecraft wouldn't be the same without Creepers and we're thinking that's why it was such a requested item. Well - here it is, the Minecraft Creeper Core figure, in all its glory!

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 3" X 1 Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure