Minecraft Core Enderman Action Figure

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This is the Minecraft Core Enderman action figure. We are huge fans of the entire Minecraft Core line of action figures. From Steve to the Creeper, we thought that the line of figures was styled very well and kept true to the video game's look and aesthetics. The Enderman action figure stands about three inches tall and comes with one accessory block. He's just a really neat addition to a Minecraft collection. 

The Enderman character from the hit video game franchise, Minecraft, is a very popular seller. Here at Radar Toys we sell both the Enderman Core action figure and the Enderman plush figure. Last season, we shipped more than a few Endermans. It's fairly easy to see why Enderman's are so popular. They're tall and lanky, kind of creepy, and sometimes show up in Minecraft's Overworld.

Enderman's are not to be trifled with. Generally benign and moving blocks from here to there, if you provoke one you'll have to deal with him. Enderman's can teleport, so be careful.


Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 3" X 1 Minecraft Core Enderman Action Figure