Tea Party Set Fairy Fantasies Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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The Tea Party Set Fairy Fantasies Safari Ltd is an adorable and whimsical tea party set that will transport your child into a magical world of fairies and wonder. With this set, your child can host a tea party for their favorite stuffed animals or dolls, and serve them tea and cookies on the included tiny plates and teacups.

This tea party set is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic, so it is durable and safe for little ones to use. The pieces are perfectly sized for small hands and will inspire imaginative play, developing your child's social skills and creativity.

The Safari Ltd Tea Party Set doesn't just look cute, but it also promotes healthy habits like sharing, table manners, and socializing with others. The set encourages young children to use their imaginations and creates a fun environment for pretend play.

Overall, the Tea Party Set Fairy Fantasies Safari Ltd is a magical and enchanting addition to any child's toy collection. It provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and encourages social development, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for any child. Bring the magic of fairies into your child's life with this delightful tea party set.

Recommended Age: 3+