Great Action Figure, Vinyl Toys, and Toy Collector Blogs and Forums

Here is where you will find the fun space of the Radar Toys website! We love action figures, vinyl toys, and generally toys of all kinds. There are many great action figure and toy collecting blogs and forums on the internet, but here is where we like to show love and appreciation for the people who do it best!

This is the FunkoFunatic forum. It's one of our favorite forums and discussion boards for everything Funko related and specifically POP's. They have a great user base and depth of knowledge on all things Funko. If you're a POP enthusiast and a collector, you've got to check them out! Such a neat Funko forum. 

pop price guide forum banner

This is It's a widely recognized forum that keeps track of the values of Funko POP's and other Funko products. It's a great place for collectors and enthusiasts to interact, discuss all things Funko, keep track of their collection and check current values. Super cool and definitely worth checking out! 

This is! is a Funko dedicated forum that specializes in Funko POP's and all things Funko related. A neat forum with an active user base, it's certainly a good stop for any fan of Funko. Check it out! 

The Fwoosh is among the best run action figure and toy forums on the internet. The Fwoosh does it all when it comes to actions figures. From insider toy manufacturer news, release dates, and a very healthy action figure forum, Fwoosh is the place to be for action figure collector's and enthusiasts. Also, serious credit is due to the staff of The Fwoosh for their outstanding photo's. The action figure photo's that you'll see in their reviews are amongst the best on the internet. If you want to see the real deal closeups of a potential goodie for your collection, Fwoosh is where it's at. The Fwoosh is much more than just a site about toys, they cover everything from movies, to the world of comics, to video games. This is a bookmark worthy site - hand's down. We are huge fans.

The Doctor Who Site is our favorite website dedicated to the great Doctor Who franchise. They're a great place to get inside information on all things Doctor Who related. Merchandise, the history and timelines of Doctor Who, and generally all kinds of great information on The Doctor. For our United States Doctor Who fan's, this is a great site from the UK to spend time on. Check 'em out! Very cool.

Urban Vinyl Daily is our favorite blog on vinyl figures and goodies, and generally just a fun place to hang around and see what new artists are bringing to the table. It's a one-stop shop for news on vinyl, resin, plush and wood toys from groundbreaking artists. Urban Vinyl Daily also covers parts of the art world. The world of Urban Vinyl Daily is a place where the trends that begin and are born in the toy industry are featured. The world of urban vinyl collecting is such an interesting place and Urban Vinyl Daily stays on the forefront of what's new and exciting. They do a great job in their genre, and it's a neat site. Check 'em out! Also, we're huge fans of a lot of their graphical artwork, such as this banner that you see on this page. Very creative, and a very cool place on the net.