Sticker Museum

Welcome to the Radar Toys sticker museum page! Radar the Raccoon has been featured in quite a few stickers over the years and it's neat to keep a record of all the versions that have been pressed up over the years. We're hoping to keep a visual record of what's been produced and circulated for no reason other than posterity's sake. Plus, we just really like stickers!

Radar Toys Sticker Design 1


Radar Toys Sticker Design 2


Radar Toys Sticker Design 3


Radar Toys Sticker Design 4


Joe Ledbetter Radar Toys Sticker #5


Charlie Daniels Sticker Radar Toys #6


Radar Toys Sticker Number Seven


Radar Toys Sticker #8 Shania Hopson


Radar Toys Sticker Number 9 Oliver Johnson Limited Edition Art


Radar Toys Sticker Museum Number 10



Edison Goncalves


kilroy a. mioruilt


branden roberts


edward gomez sticker #15


Kylea Phillips

















We'll be constantly updating this page as new stickers get produced and circulated, so keep an eye on your packages! You may just get the newest current sticker before it hits this page! :) Also, if you're a graphic designer that would like to see your work immortalized in the form of Radar the Raccoon, shoot us an email!