Acid Rain Snow Gugee 1:18 Scale Figure Set



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This is the Acid Rain Snow Gugee 1:18 Scale Figure Set. 

Snow Gugees are a domesticated breed of Gugee unique to the Tritans bred by hardy mountain farmers descended from Estancian refugees. Unlike its more commonplace desert cousin, the Snow Gugee has a striking coat of white and gray fur, and is generally chunkier, the extra fat serving as insulation against the freezing temperatures. It supports the Agurtan troops by ferrying heavy artillery and other temporary combat installations as mission objectives demand. All conscripted Snow Gugee come with Heavy Machine Guns to protect the valuable and loyal animal.

Great for any fan of the Acid Rain franchise!

Contents: Snow Gugee figure, MG-85 Machine Gun, Tripod, 3 Machine Gun Magazines, Blanket, Wineskin, Water Bottle, 2 Backpacks, Messenger Bag, 2 Storage Bags, and 10 Hooks.

Recommended Age: 17+

Condition: Brand New