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The Ancient Egypt Toob Mini Figures by Safari Ltd is an educational toy set that promises to take your child on a journey through time to discover the fascinating world of ancient Egypt. This set includes 12 mini figures that portray some of the most iconic characters from this iconic civilization. From Cleopatra to the Sphinx, every figure in this set is intricately designed and detailed with attention to historical accuracy.

Made from safe, high-quality materials, these mini figures are perfect for children aged 3 years and above. Each figure comes in a unique pose, giving children the freedom to create their own imaginary scenes and stories. With these figures, children can explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt, learn about historical events and famous personalities, and develop their creativity and storytelling skills.

Each figure is made of durable plastic material that can withstand rough play. Children can use these figures to explore different facets of ancient Egyptian culture, mythology, and architecture. They can also use these figures for educational purposes, including learning about hierarchy, religion, and government.

This toy set is ideal for parents and educators who want to engage children in fun and interactive learning. It is an excellent tool for teaching children about history, culture, and civilization in an engaging and exciting way. The Ancient Egypt Toob Mini Figures by Safari Ltd is an excellent addition to any toy collection, learning center, or classroom. With this educational toy, children can immerse themselves in a fascinating world of ancient Egypt and let their imaginations run wild.

Recommended Age: 3+