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The Arctic Fox Wild Safari Figure by Safari Ltd is an incredibly realistic and detailed figurine that will transport you to the frigid tundras of the Arctic. This beautiful model is made with high-quality materials and hand-painted to ensure an accurate representation of the majestic Arctic fox. The fox is depicted in its natural state, with its thick white and grey fur, pointed ears, and adorable button nose.

The Arctic fox is perhaps one of the most iconic animals found in the Arctic, and this beautiful figurine captures its essence perfectly. The fox is depicted in a standing position, with its head turned slightly to the right to give it a more natural, realistic appearance. The texture and detail on the fox's fur are exceptionally well-done, with each individual hair painstakingly crafted to give it a realistic appearance. The fox's fluffy tail is also worth noting, with its bushy, soft-looking appearance adding to its realistic appearance.

This Safari Ltd figurine is not only beautiful but also educational. Children and adults alike can learn about the Arctic fox's diet, habitat, and behavior by playing with this realistic figurine. Additionally, the Arctic Fox Wild Safari Figure is part of Safari Ltd's Wild Safari line, which includes a wide range of realistic animal collectibles. This figurine is perfect for anyone looking to expand their collection, decorate their home, or simply learn more about Arctic wildlife.

Overall, if you're looking for an accurate, realistic representation of an Arctic fox, the Arctic Fox Wild Safari Figure is the perfect choice. Beautifully crafted and educational, this collectible will bring the majestic beauty of the Arctic right into your home. Whether you're a collector or simply someone looking for a unique, high-quality figurine to add to your home decor, this Safari Ltd figurine is an excellent choice.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   2.96" x 1.21" x 2.22"