Aurora Tokidoki Squishy Sea Green 13 Inch Plush Figure



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The "Aurora Tokidoki Squishy Sea Green 13 Inch Plush Figure" is a cute and collectible plush toy inspired by the popular Tokidoki brand. Tokidoki is known for its whimsical and colorful characters, and this plush figure is designed to capture the essence of the brand. Key features of this plush figure may include:

  1. Design: The plush figure likely features a character or design that is typical of Tokidoki's colorful and playful aesthetic. The "Sea Green" designation may suggest a character or theme related to the ocean or aquatic elements.

  2. Size: With a height of 13 inches, this plush figure is designed to be both huggable and displayable. It's a medium-sized plush toy that can provide comfort and charm.

  3. Material: Like other plush figures in the Tokidoki line, it is likely made from soft and squishy materials to make it comfortable for hugging and cuddling.

  4. Collectible: Tokidoki products are often popular among collectors, and this plush figure is no exception. It's not just a toy but also a collectible item for fans of the brand.

  5. Officially Licensed: Aurora is a well-known brand that produces officially licensed Tokidoki merchandise, ensuring that the product meets quality and authenticity standards.