Baby Hammerhead Shark Incredible Creatures Figure Safari Ltd

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The Baby Hammerhead Shark Incredible Creatures Figure by Safari Ltd is a must-have for any shark lover, young or old! This meticulously crafted and stunningly realistic figure captures all the unique features that make hammerhead sharks so fascinating and iconic.

Crafted with the highest quality, non-toxic materials, the baby hammerhead shark figure measures approximately 6.7 inches long and 3.9 inches wide, making it the perfect size for display, play, and learning about these amazing sea creatures.

The baby hammerhead shark figure features an incredibly detailed and textured body that perfectly mimics the sharks’ distinctive spiky skin. The figure also showcases the hammerhead’s unmistakable wide-set eyes and the shark’s characteristic “hammer” head.

As part of Safari Ltd’s Incredible Creatures collection, this figure is perfect for kids and adults who are passionate about marine life, or for educators looking to bring their lessons to life. The Baby Hammerhead Shark Incredible Creatures Figure is also the perfect addition to any ocean-themed playset, whether for display or imaginative play.

Not only is this figure a work of art, it’s also highly educational, providing a hands-on way to learn about hammerhead sharks’ behavior, habitat, and physical features. Children will love playing with this toy, while parents and teachers can appreciate its educational value.

In conclusion, the Baby Hammerhead Shark Incredible Creatures Figure by Safari Ltd is a stunning and realistic figure that perfectly captures the uniqueness and beauty of hammerhead sharks. Made with high-quality materials, the figure is highly realistic and great for educational purposes or imaginative play. It’s the perfect gift for shark enthusiasts of all ages and a great addition to any collection.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   6.71" x 3.90" x 2.73"