Banana Panda Let's Write And Wipe Numbers

Banana Panda


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  1. Number Writing: The set typically includes a dry-erase board or activity book with templates for writing numbers. Children can practice writing numbers by tracing over the provided examples.

  2. Dry-Erase Materials: The set often includes dry-erase markers and an eraser, allowing children to write, wipe, and repeat as they practice their numbers.

  3. Visual Representation: In addition to writing, the set may include visual representations of numbers, such as dots or objects to help children understand the concept of quantity associated with each number.

  4. Math Concepts: Let's Write and Wipe Numbers usually cover various math concepts related to numbers, including counting, numeral formation, and basic math operations like addition and subtraction.

  5. Interactive Learning: This learning tool is designed to be interactive and engaging, making it suitable for independent learning and practice.

Age: 4+ years