Bandai Demon Slayer Figuarts Zero Nezuko Kamado Demon Form Advancing Version Figure



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  1. Dynamic Pose: Nezuko Kamado is depicted in an advancing pose, capturing the intensity and action of her demon form.

  2. High-Quality Sculpting: Manufactured by Bandai, known for its attention to detail, the figure boasts a meticulously sculpted design, ensuring accuracy and authenticity to the character's appearance.

  3. Vibrant Coloring: The figure features vibrant colors, bringing Nezuko Kamado's demon form to life with vivid hues and intricate shading.

  4. Demon Form Details: Nezuko's demon form details, such as her fangs, clawed hands, and demonic markings, are faithfully reproduced, staying true to her portrayal in the anime.

  5. Base Included: The figure comes with a base for stability and display purposes, featuring a design that complements Nezuko's advancing pose.

  6. Dynamic Presentation: Nezuko Kamado is depicted mid-action, giving the impression of movement and intensity, making it a captivating addition to any display.

  7. Collectible Packaging: The figure comes packaged in a collectible box, featuring artwork and design elements inspired by the Demon Slayer series, making it ideal for both display and preservation.