Bandai Gundam SEED Astray RG Gundam Astray Red Frame MBF-PO2 1:144 Scale Model Kit



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  • 1:144 Scale Model: The Gundam Astray Red Frame model kit comes in a 1:144 scale, providing a detailed portrayal of the mobile suit's design and proportions.

  • Real Grade (RG) Series: As part of Bandai's Real Grade series, this model kit offers exceptional detailing, articulation, and engineering, providing a more realistic and dynamic build compared to standard Gundam model kits. It's designed for hobbyists and collectors who seek a highly detailed and posable representation of the mobile suit.

  • Gundam Astray Red Frame Design: The model kit faithfully recreates the Gundam Astray Red Frame MBF-PO2 mobile suit from "Gundam SEED Astray." The Red Frame features a distinctive design with its sleek red and white color scheme, katana-style melee weapons, and advanced combat capabilities.

  • Highly Detailed Parts: The model kit includes a multitude of plastic parts molded in various colors, allowing for intricate detailing without the need for painting. Panel lines, vents, and other mechanical details are reproduced with precision.