Bandai Gundam SEED Destiny MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode 1:100 Model Kit



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Experience the epic battles of Gundam SEED Destiny with the Bandai MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode Model Kit! This 1:100 scale model kit brings to life the iconic mobile suit piloted by Kira Yamato in stunning detail. Featuring the Full Burst Mode configuration, this kit includes intricate armor and weaponry, allowing you to recreate dynamic poses and scenes from the series. With its advanced articulation and extensive accessories, this model kit is perfect for Gundam enthusiasts and collectors seeking to add an impressive display piece to their collection.

  • Strike Freedom Gundam Model Kit: High-quality model kit featuring the Strike Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • Full Burst Mode Configuration: Includes additional armor and weaponry for enhanced battle capabilities.
  • 1:100 Scale: Offers impressive size and detail for a striking display.
  • Advanced Articulation: Allows for a wide range of dynamic poses and action-packed scenes.
  • Extensive Accessories: Comes with a variety of weapons and effect parts for customization options.
  • Detailed Design: Intricate detailing and panel lining provide a realistic appearance.
  • Skill Level: Recommended for experienced model builders and Gundam enthusiasts.