Bandai Gundam Seed Freedom HGCE Black Knight Squad Rud-ro 1:144 Scale Model Kit



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  1. Unique Design: Featuring the striking aesthetics of the Freedom Gundam adorned in the colors and markings of the elite Black Knight Squad, the Rud-ro variant stands out with its distinct visual identity.

  2. High-Grade Construction: Built with premium materials, this 1:144 scale model kit ensures durability and precision, allowing for seamless assembly and a polished finish.

  3. Articulation and Poseability: With its fully articulated joints, the Rud-ro model allows for dynamic posing, enabling you to recreate iconic scenes or invent your own action-packed scenarios.

  4. Customization Options: Personalize your model with included decals and optional parts, offering flexibility to tailor your Rud-ro to your preferences or to match specific scenes from Gundam Seed.

  5. Detailed Accessories: The kit may include additional accessories such as weapons, shields, or effect parts, enhancing the model's display options and overall appeal.

  6. Collector's Appeal: As part of the High Grade Cosmic Era (HGCE) line, this model kit appeals to both Gundam enthusiasts and collectors, offering a unique variant to add to your collection.

  7. Official Bandai Quality: Being an official Bandai product, you can trust in the quality, authenticity, and attention to detail synonymous with the Gundam franchise.