Bandai Gundam SEED RG Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A 1:144 Scale Model Kit



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  • Real Grade (RG) Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A 1:144 scale model kit from Bandai's Gundam SEED series.
  • Exquisitely detailed and highly articulated, faithfully representing Kira Yamato's iconic mobile suit with precision and realism.
  • Utilizes the RG line's advanced engineering and technology to achieve intricate detail and realistic proportions.
  • Features a full range of articulation, allowing for dynamic poses and recreating iconic scenes from the series.
  • Comes with various armaments, including beam rifles, beam sabers, shield, and the powerful Railguns, providing options for customization and display.
  • Multicolored plastic parts with intricate molding and realistic color separation eliminate the need for painting, though additional detailing can be added for enthusiasts.
  • Advanced construction techniques ensure a stable and durable build, with parts designed to fit together seamlessly.