Bandai Mini Model Sanding Stick Set



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The Bandai Mini Model Sanding Stick Set is a compact and versatile toolkit designed for precise model detailing. With a range of three different grits for a total of nine sanding sticks, this set is perfect for refining small and intricate parts of your model kits. Each stick is crafted for precision, allowing you to smooth rough edges, eliminate imperfections, and refine delicate details with ease.

Ideal for hobbyists working on miniature models or intricate details, these mini sanding sticks offer controlled and accurate sanding. Their compact size makes them excellent for reaching tight spaces and achieving fine finishes, ensuring your models maintain a professional and polished appearance. Whether you're working on tiny figurines, scale models, or miniatures, this set is a must-have for achieving impeccable detailing and a flawless final look to your creations.