Bandai My Neighbor Totoro 4 Inch Beanbag Plush Figure



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  • Bandai My Neighbor Totoro 4 Inch Beanbag Plush Figure.
  • Officially licensed plush figure inspired by characters from Studio Ghibli's timeless masterpiece, My Neighbor Totoro.
  • Measures approximately 4 inches in height, making it a compact and adorable addition to any collection.
  • Crafted with soft, plush materials, providing a huggable and squeezable texture that's perfect for cuddling or display.
  • Features various characters from the film, including Totoro, Chu Totoro, and Chibi Totoro, each with its own unique charm and expression.
  • Designed as beanbag plushes, allowing them to sit comfortably on shelves, desks, or any flat surface.
  • Ideal for fans of My Neighbor Totoro, Studio Ghibli enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates cute and collectible plush figures.