Bandai Netflix One Piece Vol 2 Going Merry Pirate Ship World Collectible Figure



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  • Iconic Representation: This figure beautifully represents the Going Merry, the first ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, as seen in the Netflix adaptation of One Piece.
  • High-Quality Sculpt: The figure is meticulously crafted to highlight the distinctive features of the Going Merry, including its unique design and charming figurehead.
  • Attention to Detail: The figure includes intricate details such as the texture of the wooden planks, the detailed sails with the Straw Hat Pirates’ Jolly Roger, and the lifelike portrayal of the ship’s structure. Special care is given to capture the ship’s whimsical and adventurous spirit.
  • Material and Build: Made from durable PVC material, ensuring longevity and a high-quality finish.