Bandai One Piece Film Red Uta Ichibansho Figure



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  1. Film Red Commemoration: Celebrate the release of One Piece Film Red with the Uta Ichibansho Figure, a special edition collectible designed to honor the latest installment in the One Piece film series.

  2. Incredible Detail: This figure showcases Uta with incredible attention to detail, capturing her unique characteristics and costume design with precision, making it a must-have for dedicated One Piece fans.

  3. Exclusive Release: As part of the Ichibansho Figure series, this Uta Figure is an exclusive release, adding rarity and uniqueness to your One Piece collection.

  4. Dynamic Pose: Uta is presented in a dynamic and captivating pose, reflecting the energy and excitement of One Piece Film Red, making it a standout piece in any display.

  5. Film-Inspired Design: The figure is inspired by Uta's appearance in One Piece Film Red, incorporating design elements and nuances specific to the movie, making it a distinctive and memorable addition.