Bioworld The Batman Mix And Match 5 Pair Ankle Socks



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  • Dynamic Batman Designs: Set includes five pairs of ankle socks featuring a mix of Batman-themed designs, showcasing various iconic elements from the Batman universe.

  • Mix and Match Fun: Enjoy the versatility of mixing and matching different Batman designs, adding a playful and stylish touch to your sock collection.

  • Vibrant and Detailed Graphics: Each pair of socks features vibrant colors and detailed graphics, capturing the essence of the Dark Knight and his world.

  • Comfortable Ankle Length: Designed as ankle-length socks for comfort and a trendy look suitable for various outfits.

  • High-Quality Material: Made by Bioworld, a trusted brand, ensuring quality and comfort with premium materials.

  • Fits Men's Sizes: Tailored for men's sizes, providing a comfortable and secure fit for fans of all ages.

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