Black Widow Spider Hidden Kingdom Figure Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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Okay, this is creepy. However, kids and adults alike enjoy some creepy every now and then! Black Widow are perhaps the most famous of spiders, right alongside of the tarantula. Black Widow enjoy the benefit of possessing a very intimidating physical structure. They're all black, have a blood red hourglass feature on their bellies, and some very creepy spider legs. 

Black Widows are known for their very potent poison. By volume, a black widow's poison is up to more than ten times stronger than a rattlesnake. So, yes, black widows have a creepy reputation that is well deserved.

This black widow figure is made by a company called Safari Ltd. and it's from their line of figures called Hidden Creatures. It's a relatively large figure of a black widow spider, almost seven inches across and five inches wide. The black widow spider figure is very well detailed.

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  6.83" x 4.68" x 1.95" X 1 Black Widow Spider Hidden Kingdom Figure Safari Ltd