Black Wolf Wildlife Wonders Figure Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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The Black Wolf is an awesome creature. Black Wolves are a smaller segment of the wolf population, as they owe their black coat to the passing of specific genetic material containing a gene that makes their fur black. What's interesting is that scientists have found that this occurred due to wolf and canine hybridization.

The Black Wolf can be found around the globe, however, the Black Wolf is most predominant in the Northwestern United States and Canada. This is a Black Wolf figure that is made by a company called Safari Ltd. The quality of this Black Wolf figure is very good, and it's a neat collectible and a durable toy for a child. Super cool.

Recommended Age: 0+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  5.27" x 2.93" x 0.00" X 1 Black Wolf Wildlife Wonders Figure Safari Ltd