Brew A Pandasaurus Board Game

Firelock Games


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This is a Brew A Pandasaurus Board Game produced by the good people over at Alliance Games.

In Brew, players must choose how to use element dice—either to take back control of as many seasons as possible in an area control game or to procure goods at the local village in a worker-placement game. Recruiting woodland creatures and brewing potions can help offset chance die-rolls or create an engine to help you tame the lands.

A great casual game! 

Recommended Age: 10+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Contents: Rulebook, Village Board, First Player Marker, 4 Character Boards, 16 Forage Dice, 8 Element Dice, 20 Forest Cards, 36 Creature Cards, 32 Potion Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 24 Herbs, 24 Shrooms, 24 Crystals, 24 Energy Berries, 38 VP Tokens, 10 Scorch Tokens