Brio World Double Suspension Bridge Set



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  1. Suspension Bridge: The set includes a double suspension bridge that spans the wooden train tracks, offering an exciting and realistic feature to the railway layout. The bridge usually has towers and suspension cables, resembling a real suspension bridge.

  2. Wooden Train Tracks: It comes with wooden tracks that connect to the suspension bridge, allowing trains to pass over it. These tracks are compatible with other Brio World sets, enabling expansion and integration with existing Brio layouts.

  3. Imaginative Play: Children can incorporate the double suspension bridge into their Brio railway layouts, creating new track configurations, and imagining train journeys crossing over the bridge, fostering imaginative storytelling and play.

  4. Compatibility: Brio accessories are often designed to be compatible with other Brio railway sets, allowing for versatility in layout design and integration with other Brio elements.

  5. Quality Construction: Brio is known for high-quality wooden toys, ensuring the bridge's durability, safety, and sturdiness during play.

  6. Educational Benefits: Playing with train sets can promote spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and creative thinking as children assemble the tracks and interact with the bridge.

Recommended Age: 3+  

Condition: Brand New