Bullyland Rooster Animal Figure 62315



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 Prepare to be awed by the magnificence of the Bullyland Rooster Animal Figure 62315, a stunning representation of the proud and charismatic king of the barnyard. This meticulously crafted figure showcases the regal beauty and vibrant presence of the rooster, making it a captivating addition to your collection.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, the Bullyland Rooster Animal Figure 62315 captures the essence of this iconic bird. From its majestic stance and confident posture to the intricate feather patterns and the prominent comb and wattles, every feature is intricately designed to reflect the rooster's unmistakable charm.

Crafted from durable, non-toxic PVC material, the Bullyland Rooster Animal Figure 62315 is built to withstand both play and display. Its sturdy construction guarantees it can endure the excitement of children's playtime while also gracing any collector's showcase. Whether for educational purposes, imaginative play, or appreciating the beauty of nature, this figure promises endless possibilities.

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  2" x 1" x 2"