Calico Critter Adventure Treehouse Gift Set CC1886

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critter Adventure Treehouse Gift Set (CC1886) is a delightful playset that brings the magic of nature and adventure to the world of Calico Critters. This set typically includes:

  1. Treehouse Structure: A charming and intricately designed treehouse where the Calico Critters can gather, play, and explore. It often features multiple levels, a slide, a swing, and other interactive elements.

  2. Critter Figures: This set commonly includes one or more Calico Critter figures to inhabit the treehouse. These figures might represent various animal characters, each with their unique personalities and accessories.

  3. Furniture and Accessories: The treehouse usually comes furnished with tiny pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, or even a kitchenette. Additionally, it may include accessories like food items, books, or other playful elements to enhance storytelling and imaginative play.

  4. Adventure Elements: Depending on the version of the set, there might be adventure-themed accessories like a treasure chest, binoculars, maps, or other items that inspire exploration and adventure for the critters.