Calico Critter Baby Amusement Park Playset CC1915

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critter Baby Amusement Park Playset, CC1915, offers a whimsical world of fun for your little ones. This colorful and detailed set includes a range of amusement park attractions tailored for the adorable Calico Critter babies.

Here are some of the key features and elements you might find in this playset:

  1. Ferris Wheel: A miniature Ferris wheel designed for the smaller Calico Critter babies. It spins and provides a thrilling ride for the critter babies.

  2. Carousel: A charming carousel that spins with intricately designed seats for the baby critters to enjoy a playful ride.

  3. Ticket Counter: An area where the critters can purchase their tickets for the rides, fostering imaginative play scenarios.

  4. Accessories: Various accessories such as balloons, snacks, toys, and other small items to enhance the amusement park experience for the critters.

  5. Critter Figures: Sometimes, this playset might include one or more baby critter figures to populate the amusement park.

  6. Interactive Elements: Many of the parts are interactive, allowing kids to engage in imaginative play and create stories around the amusement park setting.

  7. Compact Design: While offering multiple attractions, the set is typically designed in a compact manner suitable for smaller play areas or for portability.