Calico Critter Baby Ropeway Park Playset CC1887

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critter Baby Ropeway Park Playset (CC1887) is a charming, interactive playset designed for the adorable Calico Critter babies. This playset is all about fun and adventure, providing a miniature ropeway park experience for these lovable critters.

The set includes:

  1. Ropeway Station: A colorful station where the Critter babies can embark on their ropeway adventure. It typically features a ticket booth and a waiting area.

  2. Ropeway Cars: These are small, cute gondolas that the baby critters can ride in. They are designed to traverse the ropeway course, providing a thrilling ride for the little critters.

  3. Ropeway Course: A course consisting of ropes and poles where the ropeway cars can travel. It might include trees or other scenery elements to add to the play experience.

  4. Accessories: The set often includes additional accessories like a small picnic area, snacks, or other fun elements to enhance the playtime for the critters.

  5. Baby Critters: Some sets might include one or more baby Calico Critters to accompany the playset.