Calico Critter Country Doctor Gift Set CC2086

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critter Country Doctor Gift Set CC2086 is a special playset within the Calico Critters collection, centered around a country doctor and their medical practice.

This set typically includes a critter figure dressed as a country doctor, along with various medical-themed accessories and items related to a doctor's practice. These accessories might feature items such as a doctor's outfit, medical tools, a treatment table, bandages, and other healthcare-related items.

The Country Doctor Gift Set encourages imaginative play, allowing children to engage in role-playing scenarios where the critter assumes the role of a caring doctor, treating other critters and nurturing their well-being. It provides an opportunity for kids to explore empathy, care, and the world of healthcare in a playful and imaginative way within the Calico Critters universe.