Calico Critter Red Roof Country Home Set

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Set is a charming and spacious two-story house that serves as the perfect dwelling for the adorable Critter families. This detailed playset features a red roof, realistic details, and interchangeable partitions, allowing kids to design their ideal layout for the Critters' home. With multiple rooms, a staircase, and working lights that can be powered with batteries, this home offers a cozy and customizable living space for the Critter families to enjoy.

Ideal for imaginative play, this Country Home Set provides a delightful and wholesome environment where children can create imaginative stories and role-play scenarios for their beloved Calico Critters. Its well-crafted design, including movable parts and detailed furniture, enhances the pretend play experience, fostering creativity and storytelling while inviting kids to explore the world of the Critters within this charming abode.