Calico Critter Red Roof Tower Home Playset CF1842

Calico Critters


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  • A three story house with elevator.
  • Turn the weather vane to move the elevator up and down. The doors will automatically open and close when it stops on each floor.

The Calico Critters Red Roof Tower Home Playset CF1842 is a charming and intricate playset designed for Calico Critters, also known as Sylvanian Families in some regions. It typically includes a multi-story home with a red roof, offering various rooms and spaces for imaginative play.

This playset often features detailed accessories and furniture pieces suitable for the critters' cozy living. From bedrooms to a kitchen, living area, and possibly a balcony or outdoor space, the Red Roof Tower Home provides ample room for creative storytelling and role-playing scenarios.