Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Secret Attic Set

Calico Critters


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The Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Secret Attic Set is a delightful addition to the Calico Critters' collection, offering an enchanting play experience for kids. This intricately designed house features a cozy, charming aesthetic with a secret attic playroom. The set includes various detailed building pieces, allowing kids to bring their imaginative stories to life as they explore the secret attic. The Red Roof Country Home Secret Attic Set sparks creativity and imaginative play, providing endless hours of entertainment for children to enjoy with their Calico Critters.

This set is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, boasting a spacious design that accommodates the furry critters comfortably. With its versatile layout, detailed accessories, and hidden attic space, this country home fosters imaginative storytelling and role-playing activities. It's a perfect gift for children who adore the whimsical world of Calico Critters and love to create their own stories in a cozy, inviting setting.