Calliope Mass Transit Cooperative Transportation Game

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  • COOPERATIVE GAME: Rush hour is about to begin & it’s up to you and your team of urban planners to get the Commuters home. Skillfully work together & construct transit routes to win.
  • GAMEPLAY: The goal is to build routes & get 6 Commuters from the Big City to their homes in the Suburbs. The game twist is that players cannot tell each other what cards they have in their hands.
  • SOLO & PARTY MODES: Mass Transit is a 20 minute game for 1-6 players ages 8 and up. Includes 1 Big City board, 52 Mass Transit cards, 6 Commuter pawns, and 1 Rulebook.
  • TRAVEL ACTIVITY: This compact, portable game can easily fit in a purse or backpack, making it perfect as an on-the-go activity for camping, long waits at the restaurant, and more.
  • FAMILY GAME NIGHT: Calliope Games presents card, dice, party, and word games for everyone ages 8 to 108! You’ll experience high quality games that are easy to learn and provide endless play value.

Recommended Age: 8+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed