Carcassonne Expansion Set 5 Abby And Mayor The Board Game

Z Man Games


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Important to note: This is an expansion set to the original Carcassonne board game. You'll need that to play this set. 

Carcassonne is a medieval themed game of building, but chances are that if you looking at this expansion set, then you already know that! In the Carcassonne Expansion Set Inns and Cathedrals the gameplay is enhanced with... you guessed it, Inns and Cathedrals! Cathedrals will triple the value of a city and Inns will double the value of a road - but only once they've been completed. Also, the Carcassonne Expansion Set Inns and Cathedrals also contains the materials needed for adding a sixth player to the game. 

Requires the Original Carcassonne The Board Game

Requires 2 to 6 Players For Carcassonne Inns And Cathedrals

The Game Play Time Is Around 45 Minutes

Condition: Brand New and sealed

Recommended Age: 13+