Chessex Polycarbonate Dice Boot



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Tired of dice rolling off the table? Tired of games being disrupted by rogue dice causing tabletop mayhem? Tired of lugging around that tree stump you call a dice tower? Tired of trying to find table space for a box lid to roll dice into? Then our Dice Boot is for you!

The Chessex Dice Boot keeps dice rolling to a restricted play area so as to prevent the dice from rolling off the table and disrupting game piece placement. The Dice Boot also offers substantial advantages over standard dice towers in size, durability, price, transportability, and resistance to damage. The toe (end piece) can be removed to allow the dice more room for travel while still keeping the dice from roaming wildly.

The Dice Boot is made of clear, scuff-resistant polycarbonate and can be assembled and disassembled time and time again. Disassembly and packing in its slim container is advantageous for travel and storage, either packed in a game box or tossed into your game bag.


Recommended Age: 6+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

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